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ICOBench is №1 ICO rating agency on the crypto market. We have gained trust of tens of thousands of investors worldwide by providing accurate data and timely information about ongoing and upcoming ICOs, IEOs and IDOs.
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  • Crypto investing

    While people are quite familiar with the concept of investing, crypto investing still stays a relatively new and exciting field unknown by many. The concept of crypto investing is the same as regular investing. Client gives a certain amount of money in order to profit from it. The only difference is that the latest one happen to the crypto currency.

  • The purpose of ICOs

    Every single company goes through the process of development. ICO, which means Initial Coin Offering is a common practice of raising money in the early stages of company growth. Investors are specifically interested in ICOs as they are the most profitable times to invest. The token is worth the smallest it will ever be and the potential profits are sky high. But that is also the most dangerous times as the company only started the development.

  • The goal of Icobench

    The goal of Icobench is to present users with the most accurate data regarding the best upcoming ICO projects 2023. As a result of research and evaluation the team of Icobench provides investors with the short conclusion and ratings just so the users don't have to spend time reading long and boring documentation.

  • Are ICOs profitable?

    ICOs purpose is to raise money for the project development, finding more investors to better their idea and making the best product possible. But what makes new ICOs so profitable and encourages people to invest in ongoing ICOs 2023? While the company gets money for all their potential needs, users invest in the idea that can become a huge project in the future. All big and successful companies started somewhere and while it is impossible to see now, some of those projects will make big profits in the future both for the company and for the investors. It is only the matter of choosing the most promising one.

  • The rating methodology of Icobench

    The rating of the projects is a long process which consists of looking at all data available and making conclusions on the base of professional opinion of our advisors. The team of Icobench consists of experienced CEOs of crypto projects, blockchain developers and investors, who evaluate every single new ongoing ICO 2023 and give it a rating based on that research. The most important points of that evaluation include looking at the roadmap, milestones, team experience, project description, vision, development speed, tokenomics, social media presence, anonymity, community growth and the number of AMA sessions that were conducted so far.

  • Investing in new ICOs

    Before investing in the ICOs any investor should acquire crypto currency. It can be easily bought with credit/debit card via most popular and trusted crypto exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase. Then you can start investing in the project of your choosing. Every upcoming ICO 2023 or ongoing ICO 2023 has the preferred crypto. Mostly those are BTC, ETH, USDT, Tron or others. The user should make sure they buy the cryptocurrency the project support as investment payment. After acquiring the crypto, follow the instruction given on the project's website to transfer and invest in the way that specific ICO project want you to invest. Contact the team if you are not sure what to do via the official channels if need so. After that wait till the ICOs finish and receive your rewards.

  • Icobench list

    Icobench list is the list of projects that our team puts together in order to present investors with the possible good projects to make profits with. Our team evaluates every single one of them with the help of rating methodology, but as much as we love to help users to discover new promising ICOs, we do not give any financial advice and every single investor should decide for themselves before investing, as none of these projects are guaranteed to succeed.

  • ICOs evaluation

    While listening to advice of crypto platforms that recommend different ICO projects can be useful, all wise investors also make sure to research the project that caught their interest, talk to the team, ask the community for their opinion about the project and so on, in order to really understand if this new ongoing ICO 2023 is worth investing in or not. Engaging in ICO rounds and participating in AMA sessions is recommended for such research.

  • ICO rounds

    The ICO rounds serve various purposes. One of the most important of those goals is deciding the token price and its allocation. During the ICO rounds the team of the ongoing ICO decides how long the ICO rounds are going to last in order to gain the most support and develop the product to the desirable stage of operation. Sometimes team can decide to make the ICO round longer keeping that goal in mind. Investors can either risk and invest in the early rounds of ICO to gain more profit or to wait till a few rounds pass and token price is higher but the investment is safer.

  • Pre ICO round

    Pre ICO rounds exist to help the team raise awareness of the project by creating a one-pager and a white paper. During that round some amount of the token is given to the team and family members. While pre ico rounds are important to the team as they gain the opportunity to share their ideas and start the development, users love them as they can purchase the token of the promising upcoming ICO 2023 for the low price.

  • Best ongoing ICO to invest in 2023

    After our team evaluated current, upcoming ICOs 2023 and ongoing ICOs 2023, they came to the conclusion that the best new ICO project to invest in 2023 is BlaBlaGame. This project represents a new and evolving GameFi crypto field. BlaBlaGame is a simple to understand and participate in game of rock-paper-scissors with real people while making crypto bets. The team behind it consists of experienced Ukrainian developers. Users can not only play, but also participate by investing in the project, buying token of the game called BLA token and stake the token for future returns. This ongoing ICO 2023 offers different staking levels to satisfy any requests and provides a referral system as well. BLA token operates on an ETH blockchain. It uses the deflationary model, which is known as the most successful one among different ongoing ICO projects as well as finished successful ICO projects. Taking all that factors into consideration, our team gives BlaBlaGame the highest rating, and recommend it as a good ICO investment in 2023.

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