About Icobench

Icobench is a platform dedicated to evaluating and presenting users with information about new best ICOs 2023 to invest in. That evaluation is very thorough and effective as it consists of such important factors as product vision, tokenomics, the development speed, team experience, project anonymity, etc.

The team of Icobench are experienced crypto experts, developers, CEOs of crypto projects. While looking at the project each and one of them explore and research the project and make conclusions. After that the project is given a rating.

The process of evaluating the project can take up to 72 hours. The platform accepts a minimum fee from the projects if they would like to have a priority.

Our evaluation is thorough and our team takes a closer look at all given data, including a roadmap, milestones, team, white paper, etc.

The goal of Icobench is to provide users with the most accurate data so they could choose the project they like and invest in it for profits. The goal of new ICOs is to find money for the developing, advertising and general support of the project.

Remember that we do not provide a financial advice on your investments and only recommend projects that might bring profits. Users should research the projects they choose thoroughly and make their own choice to invest.

Have fun investing and good luck!