What is crypto investing?

Crypto investing is a process of giving your crypto assets away in order to receive profits from it. A lot of new crypto investors are unfamiliar and afraid of it, but it is the same as a regular investing where the only difference is the assets that are involved in this transaction.

What is the purpose of ICOs?

ICO rounds (Initial Coin Offering) are a simple instrument that helps a new company gain support and start the development process. The ICO rounds are both valuable for the companies and for investors, but in a different ways. The company is raising money in order to support a project and investors have a chance for good profits as investing in the early rounds of ICO is very risky, but also very rewarding.

What is Icobench goal?

Icobench has the only sole purpose and it is to help investors find new upcoming ICO projects 2023 and new ongoing ICO projects 2023 in order to invest in them. Our team evaluates carefully every single project and provides users with the ranking and a brief explanation to help them make a decision in regards to the chosen project.

How profitable are ICOs?

While looking at new ongoing ICOs 2023 users might wonder if investing is a smart choice or not. ICOs are a needed instrument for companies to raise money for further project development and PR, but what can a company give back to an investor who decided to trust in the project? Different ICOs do offer various things of encouraging to invest in their coin, which is one the most valuable thing for users. Besides offering a potentially valuable token by the low price and high staking percentage, ongoing ICOs 2023 and upcoming ICOs 2023 also give out various other rewards, such as bonuses for referrals and participation. Those can make a big cut and are desired by early investors.

How does Icobench rate projects?

The rating of Icobench is based on the careful examination and evaluation performed by our team of experienced blockchain experts, developers and CEOs of crypto companies. The most thorough research is conducted and only the most trusted ICO projects 2023 can get on the list. The research starts with collecting the data about the project, which includes important and sometimes overlooked by others factors. Those factors include such important aspects as project vision, roadmap and milestones, development speed, token economics, project description and anonymity. Our experts always take into consideration such factors as team experience, community size and social media presence as well.

How to invest in the new upcoming ICOs 2023?

Investing in ongoing ICOs 2023 is easier than you can imagine. First and foremost, the user should buy some cryptocurrency from any exchange website. The preference would always be to use the trusted ones, such as Binance or Coinbase. Crypto can be bought easily via credit card and be ready for use and transfer to other resources and wallets. Investors should look for information regarding the crypto accepted by the project they chose to invest in. The most popular ones are Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, Tron, BNB, etc. Make sure to buy crypto that is accepted and then just follow the instructions on the information page that the projects usually provide, to invest in it. If you have any questions, contact the customer support of that project. After completing all necessary steps the only thing left to do is wait till the end of ICO to receive your profit.

What is Icobench list?

On our website you can find very well-thought-out and assembled with care list of the most popular ICOs 2023. It is designed to help investors find new exciting upcoming ICOs to invest in and gain maximum profits. But remember, that even though we give out opinion about the projects, we do not provide financial advice and users should make sure to research and make their own decisions regarding investing in the project.

How to evaluate new ICOs?

Researching and evaluating is an important step before investing in any kind of new ICO project. Before doing so, every user should make sure not to only listen to advice of various crypto platforms, but also try and figure out as much as they can about the project, talk to the team, participate in AMA sessions and so on.

What are ICO Rounds?

ICO rounds are not only created to gain support and fund the development of the project, but also to establish certain regulations about the upcoming ICO project strategy. The most important things that are decided by the team are token allocation and the price of the token. The duration of the ICO rounds themselves also can be shortened or prolonged depending on what would be the best for the project's vision. ICO rounds are important and valuable investment tools for users as the early rounds of the ICO are very profitable and the investor can expect big future profits if making the choice to invest on those early and risky ICO rounds.

So what is a pre-ICO round?

The first ICO round to ever exist for the project would be called a pre-ICO round and is created for the purpose of raising money for the most basic stuff. The team needs to have a one-pager and a whitepaper to present the product, as well as starting developing more features for the website. During the early rounds of ICO small amount of token goes to the team, family members, etc. in order to make the coin more stable. And investors tend to participate in those pre-ICO rounds of the upcoming ICO projects to buy token the lowest price it will ever be.

What is the best ongoing ICO 2023 for investing?

Our team looked at the most promising ongoing ICO 2023 and upcoming ICO 2023 and has chosen the best of the best crypto has to offer as of today. After further discussion they decided to give the first place on the most trusted ICO 2023 list to the project called BlaBlaGame. That project represents a new GameFi category of crypto investing. GameFi is a promising field and a lot of investors have invested in various projects so far. BlaBlaGame is a simple game of rock-paper-scissors that allows users to place bets on the outcome. Such an easy to understand game also comes with a great platform with a good number of perks such as staking system, referral system and even cashbacks for the daily wins. Users can make bets in the USDT or BLA token (operates on ETH blockchain) and play with real users all around the world. The team behind the project consists of experienced Ukrainian developers and token economy follows the deflationary system which makes it strong and reliable. Our team recommends BlaBlaGame as the most promising ICO project and wishes you many profits in year 2023!